Webinar Offerings

As Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node of the Moon approach each other in Capricorn, we look at the compelling story of Power-Over and power within our systems of leadership and authority. We seek to develop personal relationship with these qualities, which some call godds.* The heavens are swirling with potentiality during this transit

Our Intention: “We dare to cultivate relationship with the planet Pluto—keeper of our shadows and our power— to transform toxic systems of leadership that oppress us.”

In April, Pluto and Saturn will be as close as they get in 2019, before their important conjunction occuring in January 2020. They reach this point while stationing retrograde only five days apart at the end of April. The south node of the Moon, positioned in between Pluto and Saturn adds a karmic, transformational influence. (Don’t worry, we will explain all this and why it is important.

No previous astrological experience is necessary to participate. This class/webinar is part of Teri and Aurora’s intention to combine astrological wisdom with world-changing magic. Both of us are queer Reclaiming Tradition Witches, which means our magical focus is radical, personal, and political

Price of this event is $40 – $75 sliding scale. Space is limited and capped at 40 participants, register today to save your spot!

Registration Deadline:  Thursday, April 4th at 11:59 pm CST

*Gender-fluid beings of mystery.  

Chart Readings

TYPE : Natal Chart Reading
DURATION : 1 . 5 hours
PRICE : $90

A natal chart (also known as a birth chart) is a map of the sky that shined above at the moment of our birth. Each planet (part of Self), sign (personality of Self), and house (physical arena for Self to do Work) come together to generate a unique energetic dynamic. It is this planetary configuration that reveals our Essence in this life : a celestial equation of what we need to feel most fulfilled.

This astrology reading is an investment in understanding your true Self more deeply. When you provide your birth date, birth time and place of birth, Aurora will analyze the components of your character: Vitality, Instinct, Personality, Awareness, Desire, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Challenge, Healing, Rebellion, Spirituality, Purpose, Karmic Baggage and Evolutionary Potential.

Each purchase includes:

★ A copy of your Natal Chart
★ A customized PDF analysis of your Natal Chart (sample chart below)
★ An hour and a half online description of your Essence
★ An opportunity to ask clarifying questions or for additional insight

Visit Aurora’s contact page and select “Natal Chart Reading” to submit the required information and book your natal chart reading today!

TYPE : Planet Anatomy Reading
DURATION : 1 hour
PRICE : $65

Astrology is a whole of many parts, so much can be discovered and understood by dissecting just one aspect of the natal chart! Every element of the Self is complex: if the idea of a whole birth chart reading feels overwhelming or there is a part of your essence that you would like to focus on, the Planet Anatomy reading may be for you.

This analysis shines a spotlight on the planet of your choosing. Aurora will study the placing of this planet in your natal chart; develop questions for you to consider regarding this planetary essence; create a bi-wheel that overlays your birth essence with the current energy from above; reveal any relevant transits (planetary activity) that include this planet and weave it all together into a cohesive pattern (and conversation.) Together, we discuss the relevance and impact of this planet on your life.

Each purchase includes:

★ A copy of your Natal Chart
★ A bi-wheel of your Natal Chart combined with a chart of the current date
★ A customized PDF analysis of one planet (sample chart below)
★ An hour online description of this planet
★ An opportunity to ask clarifying questions or for additional insight

Visit Aurora’s contact page and select “Planet Anatomy Reading” to submit the required information and book your reading today!

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