Beltane with Sensual Taurus

Art, Design, Events, Poetry

To: the birds chirping from nests every morning

To: the bees gathering pollen from hidden plants

To: the petals of flowers that made it through storms

To: the underground creatures coming out to play

To: the tenderness shared between friends at a distance

To: the orgasms of release, had and to come

To: the vulnerability it takes to tend to basic needs

To: the awe of resilience in communities and at home

To: the commitment to keep going in hope and in faith

To: all you stunning creatures out there, everyday but ✨especially✨ today…

IMAGE: The Gender Spectrum Collection

We hope your experience of life on Earth is colorful, fresh, fun, weird, and blessed with good health 💛

In sweet, sweet queer-love,
The Starsdance Mystery School Team

composed by Aurora Dawning

Design Promotion: $100 New Client Special

Design, Services

People inherently trust good design. Whether it’s a Netflix film or a package of instant rice: if the imagery of packaging pleases the eye, buyers are more likely to purchase what’s inside. I have known this since I was a child and I am passionate about supporting the stories, goods and services of those who are doing their best to relay their gifts to the world. As I build the client base for my freelance design services, I will be offering a sale to those who are in need of a reliable, timely, skilled graphic designer with over ten years of experience.

I am currently running a New Client special 👉 $100 on any of the following graphics:

★ Print or media advertisements
★ Book, Magazine or Zine covers
★ Business cards
★ Page layout design for teaching or handbook PDFs (limit: 4 pages)
★ Logos or graphic as symbolic representation of goods or services
★ Posters, flyers or Instagram graphics for events
★ Resume layout design
★ Invitations to your special day
★ Email Signatures
★ Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube Channel, Tumblr or Google+ banners

This price includes:

★ Initial consultation via email, phone or Zoom
★ Brainstorming
★ Research and ethical image sourcing
★ Initial draft (or final draft, should no revisions be required)
(2) rounds of revisions
★ Final design in JPEG, PNG, standard PDF and/or high quality print PDF
★ Contact with the printer of your choice (should there be size or resolution issues)
★ Email contact throughout the creation of your project

Turn around time:

(1) week from deposit payment*


$50 (due via PayPal after consultation; must be submitted before I begin your project)

After deposit is sent, the one week deadline countdown clock begins. Then I will send you a final mock up of your design with a customized watermark over top (for copyright purposes) for you to approve. After the remaining $50 is paid, then I will send you a final copy of your project without the watermark. Then, the graphic is all yours!

I am committed to this Work with you and will represent your vision to the best of my ability. I look forward to learning about your offerings and giving wings to your Work.

To take advantage of this special, please visit > select “Design” from the drop down menu > fill in the required sections > tell me a little about your project and services in a few sentences > click “Submit

I will reply with my availability and initiate a scheduling of a consultation. I look forward to collaborating with you!

* Should your project require revisions, you are then required to be timely and responsive to emails regarding those revisions. Should it take you more than (24) hours to reply to an email regarding your requested revisions, another day will be added to the timeline of the project’s completion. It is my intention to get your project to you on or before that one week is up, but I need input from you if the project requires adjustments!