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Conjuring Signs

Astrology’s 12 signs are the seasons of soul -12 expressions of the Sun’s purpose, the Moon’s need, Mercury’s thought, Venus’ beauty, Mars’ desire, Jupiter’s belief, and Saturn’s mastery. The signs are the conjuring of intention. Working with the signs, we learn how to align our magic with the season. We learn how to work with the energy of the moment.

In this class, we follow the Moon in real time through each sign over the course of one lunar cycle to enhance your understanding of each sign’s power and energy. This class covers the Queer elements of astrology and the genetics of a sign. With an understanding of the signs, we conjure deeper relationship with the Cosmos. All our classes include at least one webinar that students will be able to attend live or view later, instructional materials, portions of the Starsdance Mystery School workbook, and online discussion  

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