Aurora has a vision of a community that is saturated in self-expression and she is committed to manifesting this idea. How many times have you sought out a piece of beauty in the world that reflects your true self?

Also known as A Paradigm By Design Jewelry, Aurora’s work is made of semi-precious stones, wire, charms and chains that come together just for you. She specializes in talismans, which materialize in the form of bracelets, earrings, rosaries, prayer beads and necklaces. She also enjoys repairing and re-vamping old jewelry into something that suits the wearer as they are right now.

Aurora’s inspiration comes from learning about people and making something that cannot be replicated. She loves getting to know the style and personality of her clients so that they can co-create this magic together.

She is currently accepting commission orders! Click the contact link from the menu above, select “jewelry commissions” from the drop down menu, briefly describe your project and add your name to the list today!

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