The Black Heart Pentacle: an Introductory Workshop

Trust ★ Presence ★ Authenticity ★ Impact ★ Delight: Join Pittsburgh witches and Feri Initiates Bone and Briar for an intro workshop for a pentacle they have created, the Black Heart of Innocence Pentacle!


Gathering of the Guardians (Feri)

Feri practitioners! Join Bone and Briar priestesses, Feri Initiates and Pittsburgh-local mentors Amoret BriarRose & Boneweaver for a day working with the Feri Guardians!

Cast Yourself

My name is Vasalisa and I am a Witch. More specifically, I'm a polytheist fusion of Reclaiming and Feri beliefs. I primarily work with Aphrodite, Loki, and Baba Yaga but often call upon (and celebrate) the deities of other pantheons. Many more pockets exist within the word that likely sticks out on this page; a whole collection of worlds with names, descriptions and categories …