Annual Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day 2018

Join Reclaiming Pittsburgh and many other pockets of witchery as we celebrate our practices, buy some merch, learn new things via workshops and meet new, magical people at this year's Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day!


Story Submissions are OPEN!

What is the magic that Pittsburgh needs in 2019? Will we invoke Loki's bravery and tell our leaders what we think of their actions in the Lokasenna? Is it time to do what we love and learn the true meaning of Sacrifice in The Red Shoes? Do we need to Reclaim Snow White's body autonomy and make an example of that white knight by embracing consent culture? Only time, creativity and YOU will tell!

Moon Wizarding Festival

Join Aurora as she performs readings at the Moon Wizarding Festival in Moon Township from 1:00pm - 4:00pm THIS SATURDAY. Proceeds from your readings will help fund Pittsburgh's Annual Pagan Pride Day on Sunday, October 7th. Come out for some fresh insight and magical fun!

Taking Action

After a year away from her blog, Vasalisa returns to share a personal experience in community from 2017 and reveal how she plans to take action during a time of national trauma.

Spark of Service

The creative process is riddled with peaks and lulls. As June ends and July begins, I am finding myselfย inspired by the warm glow of summer to reveal what I have created. Some pieces are new, others have been selected to be showcased at this time... My archiveย is in heatย with new work that is ready to …