Elements of Magic: The Art of Alchemy

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Mainstream society has become intrigued by witchcraft in recent years. The increase of popularity in crystals, spells, and books on the Craft are signs that we as a collective are ready for a more personalized spirituality. The choice to create change made empowered practitioners is important now more than ever in this time of social upheaval and climate change, but how does one start? Where can the curious discover what they believe and what works for them in the realm of witchcraft? Who are the witches doing this Work with integrity and without ego-driven agendas?

While there are many varied answers to these questions, my answer is: right here in Pittsburgh, this January for Elements of Magic: The Art of Alchemy workshop!


These three fun, knowledgeable, experienced witches of Reclaiming Pittsburgh will host a beginner- friendly weekend intensive that reveals how Reclaiming priestesses do magic. All levels of experience are welcome, as the framework allows space for newer witches to learn the basics and experienced witches of Reclaiming and other traditions to bring fresh life to their own personal practices.

From the event description:

Elements of Magic is a Reclaiming core class that explores the elemental Pentacle through a Reclaiming ritual structure. We will use art and ritual to discover and begin a personal transformative experience with tools often used in the Reclaiming tradition such as visualization, sensing energy movement, divination, music, trance, creating magical space, and ritual design. This class is experiential in nature.

The cost of this event is a sliding scale of $100 to $200, to be chosen by each participant without question or judgement from facilitators. There are also two “work -study” positions available where those who are not able to pay the minimum amount on the scale may attend the workshop as long as they are willing to help facilitators maintain the space during the weekend. A reduced fee is also available for people of color and/or indigenous people our of respect for minorities.

Space is limited and the deadline to register is quickly approaching on December 30th. To find out more information about this event, visit the Facebook event page. Will you join them in nourishing the foundations of a magical practice?


Kind Reintegration

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I’m finally sitting on my couch at home, adjusting to life outside of the bubble we created for one magical week.


IMAGE: VasalisaTheWitch


Reintegrating from camp is similar to resting after a waltz. During the dance we move and are moved: embracing partnership, fluidity, synchronistic flow. Completely in the moment, it feels like nothing else exists. Then the song ends and the spell has shifted. What just happened? Now what?

I have yet to process everything. I don’t have words to sum up the experience at this point in time. Both of these things are normal and I’m not rushing the process. But while the sparks still fill my heart, I’m allowing them to inspire my hands to write. The following is an ode to my Tejas witches of Wonderland:

As Light divides the dust ahead,
Darkness slides between.

A middle marking post stands stiff,
loyal to all truths.

My spirit’s heels sink deep in dirt,
Stories clouding sight.

But crossroads call, the bellow clear,
what a magnet, choice.

My heart’s the part that holds the map,
Paradox, it pumps.

Eyelids collide, chest opens wide,
feelings: lead the way. 

Call of the Crossroads by Vasalisa
Samhain 2015


IMAGE: VasalisaTheWitch