Queer Craft Market 2019

The Queer Craft Market: hosted by AssemblePGH and WorkshopPGH at Ace Hotel is happening in just a few weeks. Join Aurora as she resurrects her love of vending and explores her physical capabilities of production to participate in some craftivist fun at this radically inclusive event!

Spring Fling Spirit Fair

Stems of the season are beginning to sprout, but what blossoms are yet to come? As the energy of spring begins to generate fresh life, it can be a great time to check in with Goals. Desires. Intentions. Direction. Join Journeys of Life (and me, Aurora) for their final Spring Fling Spirit Fair!

Taking Action

After a year away from her blog, Vasalisa returns to share a personal experience in community from 2017 and reveal how she plans to take action during a time of national trauma.

Taking Care

It's about that time for a post. My life continues on and the magic of the mundane weaves it's way through my experience. Things are happening. There are shifts. I witness my experience and have many things that I could share with my community of witches... But here's the thing: I honestly just don't feel …